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Boo Boo

Boo Boo, formerly known as ALLEY (short for ALGERNON) came to us from the local Animal Control facility on July 15, 2009. A woman was relocating and surrendered her three cats to Animal Control as she was unable to take them with her. The Magoo Room was promptly contacted because the youngest cat was blind and born without eyelids. Despite our preference not to take young animals, since Alley was right here in our home community, we took him in. What a rewarding decision! He is one of  the sweetest, most loving cats we have ever welcomed. Most of his short life Alley had been in a crate to keep him separate from leukemia positive cats, and he is loving the opportunity to play with the foster kittens and explore the house. Just touching him sets up the most thunderous purrs!
(Late August 2009 update) Boo Boo is just a silly little boy who jumps in the air just for the delight of it. His one eye ruptured and had to be removed, but he weathered the operation just fine. Boo is adventuresome and is learning the climbing towers as easily as any sighted cat.

(2017 Update) Boo remains sweet, active and healthy and after a brief period when he did not venture into the courtyard due to the invasion of a neighborhood cat, has returned to sunning in the courtyard

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