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Little Bit

Little Bit and his half-sister Baby Girl were found listed on Petfinder, as a courtesy listing from the Norfolk, Virginia area in early 2004. The man in the household wanted both cats put down. Fortunately, the courtesy listing attracted our attention, and we adopted both before that could happen.

Little Bit is a lanky boy who is gentle by nature, but is not fond of being held. Little Bit had a bladder stone that had to be removed, and surgery was performed along with a neutering. He quickly recovered, his appetite improved, although he is still a slender cat, and he now seems very comfortable.

In 2016 Little Bit began a life-long course of medicine for high blood pressure. He now spins in circles which may be an indication of a brain problem. He must be watched closely and at the first sign of pain he will have to be euthanized. Little Bit is very much an “old soul” and one of our sweetest cats.

Little Bit: Programs
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