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How could I have said no to accepting Madeira? I received a call on December 2, 2009, from a neighbor of meth addicts who had moved away leaving behind a young, blind, grey cat. Madeira, was outside, in the rain, forced to fend for herself. My resolve to suspend taking in more cats completely dissolved! The woman asked her parents to deliver the cat to me the next day. Madeira arrived and is having little difficulty adjusting to a full food bowl. She is  slowly adapting to other cats. Our Christmas present to her is a spay operation so she will never again be forced to bear more kittens. Madeira was five pounds when she came to us, most likely due to poor diet and the drain on her body from bearing at least one litter.  
(Update spring 2010)  Madeira has put on about three pounds since coming to us in December. She has calmed down considerably and is not as defensive as she used to be.

(2017 Update) Madeira has gained more weight and continues to need no medicines or non-routine vet care. She is quite calm now.
I like the picture of Madeira stretched betwee 2 stools, laying around with Dixie & under the Christmas tree.

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