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Me Too!

Me Too! is a local kitten who either was born without eyes, or whose eyes are deformed. As of October 2006, she was too young to tell for sure. Me Too! was rescued by a good Samaritan who saw her in a roadway where she was in great danger. She brought Me Too! to the vet and then to The Magoo Room. Thank you, Kelly! Me Too! was so upset from her scary adventures outdoors that at first we thought she might be feral. She certainly bit me enough when I tried to pick her up to administer medicines! Eventually Me Too! was old enough to test for communicable diseases and became part of the household.

(2017 update)  Me Too! has remained a shy cat, but likes to sit on a bed and reach out to people with her paw. The only significant health issue she has been with her teeth, and Dr. Wyatt expertly attended to her dentals to ease our girl's discomfort. Me Too! is still shy, but gets along well with the other cats and seems comfortable in her environment.

Oh yes, she got her unique name early on. When she was still in a crate prior to medical tests and I fed other kitties in the room, she would climb the sides of the crate, as if to say, Me Too, don't forget me, I'm hungry too!

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