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Musette came to The Magoo Room in 2007. A pit bull had carried Musette home to his owner, knowing that the kitten would be cared for. She had experienced some unknown trauma as her tail and ear were missing. (Because there were already maggots on the ear, it was obvious that the pit bull had not done the damage. Good dog!) When she healed she went to PetsMart as a foster cat, but Musette found the change too frightening and she would hide under a blanket and not want to be seen. We think whatever trauma she had encountered caused her to be shy around new people and situations and once again, we kept this sweet, but unadoptable girl. She is not blind.

(2017 Update) Musette is healthy and happy, but still hides under a bedspread when the doorbell rings. Until his passing Andy Revie of Elizabeth City sponsored Musette! He was a loving “cat daddy” who visited several times to see “his” cat and he was a dear friend.

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