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Sterling came to us in September 2007 directly from the local Animal Control. The vet judged from his teeth that he was six weeks old, but judging from his size, he was four to six weeks older than that. At that tender young age, his eyes were already too damaged from infection to save his sight. The vet sewed buttons on his eyes (called a third eyelid flap) to preserve whatever tissue could be saved. After a few weeks of wearing the buttons (and receiving medications) the buttons were removed and no eye removal was necessary. Sterling's one eye is just cloudy, the other is sunken.

Sterling was not feral, was used to people, and judging by his coat, had been outside for many weeks. What a shame that his previous people did not take the simple step of medicating his eyes to preserve his sight. Well, their loss is our gain, because Sterling is one of the most friendly, darling, and purring kittens we have ever had. He has a unique characteristic also, in that he gets down from the sofa backwards, like a toddler learning to go down a staircase. At one point he liked sleeping in a cat tower over six foot tall.

(2017 update) Sterling has had to have one eye removed for the sake of his comfort. He has begun to have bowel issues and does not always use the litterbox. Fortunately he continues to enjoy the courtyard, rain or shine, where no clean-up is necessary

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