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Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum joined us early in 2004. He was a kitten available for adoption through the local humane society, when his eyes became very large and bright blue. As soon as the vet saw this she declared, “His eyes need to be removed, tomorrow!” The cause of his malady is unknown, but we have had titres done to make sure it was not something communicable. Over the Christmas holidays I had visions of “Sugar Plum” dancing in my head, waiting for this sweet boy to recuperate and join our sanctuary. Was he ever worth the wait!!! Sugar is loving and affectionate, wanting to rub ankles and sit in front of our faces. Sugar Plum distinguishes himself in The Magoo Room, by being the champion hunter. He attacks summer's enormous moths and skinks, and has even brought a black snake in from the courtyard. No one has told him he is blind so he hasn't a clue. I won't tell him if you don't!

(2017 update) Although he is now technically a senior cat, Sugar has no  medical issues. He loves to both give and receive affection.

Sugar Plum: Programs
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